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Security + Privacy

CYBER FRAUD IS REAL! Please be aware that Coral Gables Title + Escrow, LLC does not mail out random checks. If you think you have received one of these checks, please contact our office at the phone number listed below.

There is no shortage of bad news about data security + privacy breaches across a variety of industries (Equifax, Yahoo, Forever 21, and more.)  All of the bad news highlights an opportunity for consumers to take steps to mitigate their exposure to the risk of a security breach.

Ways your data is at risk

security + privacy

Every minute of the day hackers are probing for weaknesses in the infrastructure of companies, banks, and medical practices. What are they looking for?  Access to records that potentially contain your personal information.  Your name, address, and social security number are sought after to apply for credit or credit cards in your name that you won’t be aware of until the bill arrives.  That is the classic example of identity theft.  Information from the Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that 17.6 million Americans were the victim of identity theft in 2014.  Put another way that’s 7% of the United States population!

It can be unnerving to think that each “trusted 3rd party” you use, that could be your grocery store, bank, etc, is a potential weak link when it comes to the security of your data and identity.  Instead of  living off the grid there are practical actions you can take.

Steps you can take to protect your identity

  • Sign up for credit report alerts or freeze your credit entirely
  • Use different and strong passwords for your logins
  • Shred hard copies of documents going to the trash

These suggestions are not meant to be all inclusive or prevent all forms of identity theft.  This is a starting point.  There are many more steps individuals can take if you’re serious about protecting your data and identity.

Rest assured that your friendly, transaction closing specialists at Coral Gables Title + Escrow take your privacy seriously.

CG Title + Escrow information security policies

  • Division of labor – departments specialize in different aspects of the closing process which provides built in checks and balances
  • Verification by Voice – wire instructions are verified on a 1:1 basis to ensure accuracy
  • Secure mail and server platform
  • Active bank account monitoring

We go to great lengths to ensure your information and your transaction is handled securely.

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