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Fast and Accurate Technology Makes your Closing Easy

Coral Gables Title + Escrow is on the Bleeding Edge of Transactional Technology

In a seemingly all digital world, it can be shocking when service providers still use a paper based process.  Whether you use this provider daily or it is a service that is needed less often, consumers expect convenience, speed, and accuracy.

With that in mind, Coral Gables Title + Escrow is pleased to announce the availability of the Digital Closing Package beginning 10/1/2017.  With our Digital Closing Package, or DCP, clients are no longer necessarily burdened with physical copies of closing documents. Instead of leaving with paper copies, transaction participants are provided with a two-factor authentication USB key that allows them to access their closing documents in the cloud.  For those vigilant about their online security it is important to note that confidential information is not stored on the USB key and web access is provided over a secure connection.

In addition to being a paper-minimal process for the home buyer and seller, our Digital Closing Package provides secure access to your closing documents anywhere there is an internet connection.  Utilizing the DCP provides easy access to the firms and individuals providing support or service to the sale.  Whether that is a real estate agent, title attorney, or finance institution, the DCP provides a record of and the contact information for your transaction professionals.

Beyond easy accessibility, having a copy of your important documents backed up to the cloud provides piece of mind.  While there are countless positives to living in South Florida, a reality we all must live with is that of hurricanes.  Losing power can be an inconvenience but losing important documents to water damage is a real possibility.  When you close your transaction with us that digital and secure backup to the cloud is handled automatically with DCP.

We look forward to working with you to easily close your transaction and to providing turn-key access to your documents in the cloud.

It’s important to note that the Digital Closing Package is not mandatory; it is an optional avenue to further streamline the CGT+E closing process.  Those who desire a traditional closing are welcome to it.